Joanna Gaines Skin Care Line For All

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Joanna Gaines"Joanna Gaines is a famous interior designer and a TV host of a well-known TV show named as Fixer Upper. This is a very popular show which features Joanna Gaines herself along with her husband Chip who is also an interior designer. Together, they have designed over 100 homes and this is what which makes them a celebrity. The show features Magnolia house which is their property. Joanna is the co-founder, lead designer and co-owner of the magnolia house along with Chip. Joanna Gaines was born in Kansas, US and has completed her graduation in communication from Baylor University. Joanna was always interested in interior designing and has designed her own shop in college days. Chip has also helped and supported her with interior designing.

Recently, there were rumors in the industry related to Joanna that she is planning to leave the Fixer Upper show because she is going to launch her own Joanna Gaines skincare line for all the people. Joanna is working very hard on her beauty care line as it is going to be launched very soon. She is very busy these days as she didn’t have enough time with her to do the shooting of her own TV show Fixer Upper. There was news that Joanna used to arrive late at the shooting sets and also use to leave early as she had to focus more on her beauty care line. Recently in an interview when asked about her behavior on the show, she exclaimed that she is ready to leave the show as she doesn’t have enough time to do the shooting of Fixer Upper. She also said that leaving the show will also provide her with extra time that she wants with her skin care range.

What’s with skin care range?

When asked about her skin care range, she simply replied that she has been using many cosmetic products since last few years and she has taken the formula out of those products and have designed a new product of her own which is very effective in treating aging process of the skin as well as making your skin look new and young. The anti aging serum which she has designed uses two main ingredients which are Proprietary Bisophere and QuSome. A brief about both the products are listed below.

Proprietary Biosphere: These ingredients directly work on your skin cells. You can apply the cream directly to your face on the affected areas. This cream will go deep inside your skin tissues and work on the damaged tissues. These ingredients also boost the production of collagen in your skin which is entirely responsible for the condition of your skin.

QuSome: QuSome is commonly used along with Proprietary Biosphere which works on the regeneration of your skin cells. This ingredient boosts the production of new skin cells which replaces the old layer so that your face may look good and attractive. These ingredients, when used in combination, can take 10 years off from your face and can make you look beautiful and young.